About me

Oscar Paradela is a traditional photographer of black and white, which still uses analog antique cameras and make his own prints in the darkroom. 

His photos often have an emotional content, trying to convey the vibe that felt at the time of capture.

All B&W prints are made in FB Paper (baryta) and are toned to sepia for archival properties.

Prints are available to buy in the Print Shop Page and also B&W series are ready to be exhibited world wide. 

Contact me for more information.


2018 Collective Exhibition and presentation of the book "La Copia" (The Copy). Madrid

2017 Collective Exhibition about Self-Portrait in Karlovac (Croatia)

2016 Exhibition of Eivissa Nit i Día at El Campillo community center. Valladolid.

2015 Exhibition of 7 Days in Havana series at El Penicilino. Valladolid.

2014 Collective Exhibition in Argetum Gallery. Madrid.


Cell Phone: +34 605838852

email: oscarparadela@gmail.com

Telegram: @oscarparadela

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